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SERVES: 1 litre     TIME: 5 minutes + soaking time

This is a very easy recipe for one of most enjoyable drinks on the planet.  Almond milk also acts as a key ingredients for many other ninja health recipes.

PREP TIP: Either soak ingredients at night and prepare in the morning or soak in the morning and prepare in evening.


1. Soak 300g almonds and 5 dates 6 – 9 hours before next step

2. Drain almonds and dates

3. Throw into a blender and fill with 1000ml water and blend for 2 minutes

4. Pour mix into nut milk bag over a large bowl in smaller batches and squeeze milk into bowl

5. Transfer to a good glass jug and keep in fridge for up to to 4 days


Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond milk is amazing for your health, not only because you are providing your body with the whole spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, you are also NOT consuming dairy milk. Milk from cows is meant only for cows. Humans do not have the enzymes to digest dairy milk and regular consumption can cause the body many health issues (read this article for more information).

Almond milk is high in calcium (30% of RDA) and iron which is great for your bones and teeth. It contains no saturated fat, cholesterolor trans fats  and is low in sugar.

From one glass you will be treating your body to 25% of your daily vitamin D (also helps your body absorb more calcium)

You are also getting nice levels of Vitamin A, B and as well as copper, magnesium, riboflavin, phosphorus, zinc and manganese.

Recipes with Almonds



  1. Manuel says:

    Well, vegetarians still eat ckooed vegetables and fruit, etc. and raw vegetarians only eat uncooked food. that’s the difference. If I were you I would head into my local library and pick up a cookbook with raw recipes. One of my faves is Ani’s raw cookbook, or ani’ raw desserts, I’ve also got one right now called Raw Food Real World, that has a lot of recipes. Eating raw food has a lot of benefits, and you’d be surprised with what you can make. You just have to be creative. I’m sure there are lots of online resources as well. Good luck with which ever choice you make. And most of the things you’re looking for can definitely be picked up at a local grocery store.

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